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Sustainable Markets for Sustainable Business: A Global Perspective for Business and Financial Markets (Finance, Governance and Sustainability: Challenges to Theory and Practice)

Sustainability has three main accepted dimensions: economic growth, social responsibility, and environmental protection. It is a truly multidimensional and multidisciplinary concept, and directly affects the risks and opportunities for markets and businesses. Markets are the most dominant social institutions of all time. Sustainable markets are about creating sustainable value, achieving the institutionsa (TM) and marketsa (TM) goals, as well as, ensuring that they contribute to positive social, economic, and environmental outcomes. Understanding what they are and how they work is crucial for a sound economy and for sustainable market and business development principles. Sustainable development offers long term benefits for markets, business, and institutions, including reduced risk, attraction of new investors, protection of shareholders, and most importantly, safeguarding their strength and longevity. These are also crucial for equitable distribution, keeping a balance between economic and social benefits for a sound eco-system. There is a significant and natural interaction, support, and causality between market and business sustainability. Business and market sustainability reforms need to be at the center of the global financial system and should be the essence of their development. Creation of such operations is imperative for the strategy planners of businesses, policy makers, and other stakeholders seeking to build more resilient markets and businesses.

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