Argüden Governance Academy Foundation


We shared our experience of preparing the first Integrated Report in Türkiye.

We have been an example particularly for NGOs, via publishing the first Integrated Report in Turkey in 2015. We carry out our mission with our latter Integrated Reports, as we are among the top 10 NGOs in the world who adopt Integrated Reporting in 2016. 


As a part of an Integrated Reporting Türkiye Network, we completed our first Integrated Report Training. We have developed the content of the program in collaboration with TÜSİAD and shared our experience in preparing the first Integrated Report in Türkiye. 


Why is Integrated Reporting so important?


Integrated Reporting allows the internal and external stakeholders to make a self-assessment of the organization's mission, vision and strategies, while enhancing corporate governance within the organization. In this way, companies become more transparent in communication with their stakeholders, demonstrate the continuity of their activities, provide concrete indications of effective use of resources in a fair, responsible and consistent environment. These efforts enable stakeholders to participate more actively in the decision-making processes and make the company more accountable.

Dates: 2017
Location: TÜSİAD