Argüden Governance Academy Foundation


The Governance101 (GOV101) is an interesting and youth-oriented training program for university students, who will be the leaders of the future, with the aim of helping students to understand and adopt good governance culture.

The Program targets university students with leadership skills who are elected to the boards of various university clubs.  These students are first given information about the principles of good governance with real-life stories in a 7-week training program.  We choose these stories from the cases that the students are likely to encounter frequently in their daily life. In this way, we aim to ensure that the students’ participation in the training and adopt the philosophy of good governance for improving quality of life.

Another aim of the training is to make students experience the relationship between success and good governance. For this purpose, 5 different practices will be suggested to the participants use with their friends from the university clubs/societies and we will support them during these training. The practices will enable the participant students to disseminate the information to their peers.

The program intends to develop leadership skills by ensuring that the participants have the notion of good governance in the program as well as knowledge of strategy management, volunteer management, performance evaluation, process management, organization, budget, and integrated reporting.

In its first year, the Program organized in October-November 2019 and 30 participants graduated from the Program. We aim to lead the formation of a youth network from the program graduates, conduct various activities on good governance and also to improve the program at every step.

Dates: October-November 2019