Argüden Governance Academy Foundation


SIVILANT is a Project that is aiming to solve the problems of the NGOs in Antalya. As Academy, we organized a training program for two groups of representatives of these NGOs. In addition to Program, we prepare an Education Kit that includes a lot of issues for NGO Governance. 50 participants graduated from the Program.

The subjects of the Program are:

  1. The Knowledge of Legislation for NGOs
  2. Strategic Planning for NGOs
  3. Communication Skills and Social Media for NGOs
  4. The Conflict Management and Management Skills for NGOs
  5. Project Management for NGOs
  6. International Organizations and Founding Mechanisms for NGOs
  7. Philanthropy, Voluntarism, and Lobbying
  8. Visibility, Dissemination, and Internationalization
Dates: September 2019