Argüden Governance Academy Foundation


Program focuses on building awareness on the importance of governance and sustainability, using empirical methods while designing and implementing policies, raise the participatory democracy  in policy design and implementation and increase the service quality in  public sectors for current and future executives in public sectors. 

The program consists of 4 modules with each 24 hours. The modules of the program are as follow:"Good Governance in Public", "Regulatory Reform and Empirical Methods in Policy-Making", "Participatory Democracy and Open Government", "Effectiveness and Innovation in Public Service Delivery and Innovation". Trainings will take place in classes and are planned as once in a weekday and 2 courses in each day, in total 4 weeks. 96 hours interactive training and participation are required for the program.

Dates: 14 May - 04 June 2015
Location: EPDK- Ankara

This training is organized in association with Boğaziçi University Life Long Learning Center.


May 14

Dr. Yılmaz Argüden

Governance and Participatory Democracy in the Public Sector

May 14

Assist.Prof.Dr. Zeynep Kadirbeyoğlu

Modernizing Government

May 21

Prof.Dr. Bengi Ertuna Aktaş

Measuring Governance Quality: Governance Indicators

May 21

Assoc.Prof.Dr.Gözde Ünal

Sustainability and Integrated Governance

May 28

Fikret Toksöz

Increasing Trust in the Public Administration

May 28

Prof.Dr. Ünal Zenginobuz

Roles of Regulations in Public and Regulatory Institutions

June 04

Prof.Dr. Mine Eder

Future Trends

June 04

Assist.Prof. Dr. Gül Sosay

Global Governance: Issues, Approaches and Institutions