Argüden Governance Academy Foundation


Local governments must adopt the evidence-based, participatory decision-making process to improve the quality of the decisions. Participatory citizenship is critical to sustain and build trust and disseminate good governance principles. For this reason, the strengthening of mukhtars, the voice of the citizens, directly affects the quality of life of the citizens.

Thus, we conducted a research project that focuses on "Strengthening of Mukhtars ve Mukhtar-Municipality Relations".

We carried out a questionnaire about the tendencies of municipalities to cooperate with the mukhtars and the support they give and we got the views of the mukhtars. Hereby, we examined how mukhtars (and therefore the citizen's voice) are involved in the decision-making and service delivery processes.

Our project is conducted under the leadership of Fikret TOKSÖZ, and the valuable Advisory Board involving leading experts and academicians.

Dates: 2017

We would like to thank Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) for supporting us in the realization of this program.