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Academy of Corporate Governance
Founder President

Dr. Yaga Ramesh Konda Reddy

Advisory Board Member

Yaga Ramesh Konda Reddy is the Founder and President of Academy of Corporate Governance, since 2001 and Chairman of Yaga Consulting Pvt. Ltd., since 1996. Through his career, he was involved in off-site critique and reform of Corporate Governance Codes, Scorecards for Maldives, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Romania, Philippines, Azerbaijan, Sri Lanka, Zambia, Malawi and Greece. He was also assisted to Commonwealth Association for Corporate Governance, International Corporate Governance Network, OECD-Paris, African Development Bank, Asian Development Bank, International Labour Organization.

Reddy was Vice President of a new generation bank GTB with equity from IFC-Washington, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Chair, Professor of Strategic Management and Chairman of Administrative Staff College of India. He was a board member and director of various institutions such as Indian Institute of Economics, India Public Policy Centre, South Asia Advisory Board. Reddy is member of Corporate Governance Network, USA, Society for the Advancement of Behavioral Economics, USA, Indian Institute of Economics, India International Center, New Delhi, and member and former president of AP & National Treasurer, National HRD Network, India.

Reddy was a member of faculty in Administrative Staff College of India, Visiting Fellow, at London School of Economics, U.K., where he focused on globalization and strategic implications for India, research fellow at Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Bonn.

He holds M.A. degree in Personnel Management Specialization in Social Work from Andhra University, M. A in Management Studies for Developing Countries from Leeds University, and PhD in Labour Economics / Industrial Relations discipline from Andhra University.