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Argüden Governance Academy

A non-profit foundation dedicated to improve the quality of governance in public, non‑profit, private, and international organizations. The Academy was founded by ARGE Consulting in 2014, to share its governance know‑how as a public good.

Good Governance for Quality of Life

Our Purpose

Improving quality of life and sustainability of the future.

Our Mission

Improving quality of governance to improve trust for organizations.

Our Vision

Being ‘a center of excellence’ for development and widespread adoption of good governance culture.

Our Target Audience

Leaders of private sector companies, NGOs, public institutions, and international organizations; as well as individuals of all ages, from 7 to 77.

A sustainable and inclusive future can only be built by institutions that gain the trust of their stakeholders.

People form institutions for more effective utilization of resources and management of risks. The Academy adopts a holistic and integrated view of governance to help improve trust for institutions for their sustainable success. The Academy forms partnerships with international organizations, universities, public institutions, companies, and NGOs for better deployment of good governance culture in order to improve quality of life for current and future generations.

The Academy conducts impact research such as Sustainability Governance Scorecard, Municipality Governance Scorecard, and develops Local Development Guides, as well as developing and conducting education programs for public, corporate, and NGO leaders. Academy’s education programs also target children and youth, and a vibrant Youth Network has been developed covering 40 universities in over 20 cities.

The Academy also conducts good governance advocacy programs such as leading the process of awarding the European Label of Governance Excellence (ELoGE) and School on Participatory Democracy, in collaboration with international organizations such as the Council of Europe.

Argüden Governance Academy is the first Turkish institution to adopt Integrated Reporting and a global pioneer among the NGOs by reporting its activities as an Integrated Report since its founding. The Academy also promotes adoption of Integrated Reporting in the public sector and NGOs.

Dr. Argüden’s book ‘Keys to Governance’ –published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2011– formed the intellectual foundation of Argüden Governance Academy.

“Trust is the essence of good governance and foundation of sustainable development”
– Dr. Yılmaz Argüden


We organize experiential training programs to enable the adoption of good governance culture by public, private, and NGO representatives, as well as by children and youth leaders.


We develop unique methodologies, conduct research, highlight good practices, and promote peer-learning opportunities in order to raise awareness in governance issues for sustainable and inclusive development.


We promote the “key role of governance for a sustainable world and better quality of life” through our publications.


We build partnerships with international organizations, universities, public institutions, companies, and NGOs for better deployment of Good Governance culture throughout the community.


We organize events promoting Good Governance, sharing latest developments, and enabling stakeholder engagement.


We encourage and support good examples on Good Governance through awards and scholarships.


We provide intellectual contributions to global standards and methodology developments for Good Governance, and advocate their deployment.