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The root of our social life and our cultural development is derived from our family life. Relations between family members based on consistent, responsible, accountable, fair, transparent, effective and inclusive determine our quality of life.

Good Governance For Children

We care that the leaders of today and the future are responsible individuals who adopt the principles of governance in their lives. We have met with more than 3000 students in 20 provinces of Türkiye through our Good Governance for Children Education Program.

The foundations of our social life and cultural development are laid in the family. Our communication with the family, our mother, father or those responsible for our care also shapes what kind of individual we will be. Consistent, responsible, accountable, fair, transparent, effective, and participatory relationships among family members determine our quality of life.

Our education program, which we started with the cooperation of ÖSGD for 4th-grade primary school students, consists of 7 modules. There are 3 different way to carry out the program: application of the entire program, online and, module-based.

Entire Program:

  • All content consisting of 7 modules is applied in the prepared order.
  • It is applied in 2 terms, the first half of which is in the 1st term and the second half in the 2nd term, throughout the academic year.

Online Program:

  • All content consisting of 7 modules is applied in abbreviated form in the prepared order.

Module-Based Program:

  • It is applied with children who have acquired the achievements in the "Democracy and Our Rights" and "Solidarity and Volunteering" modules, which are two of the 7 modules and constitute the basic step of the program.

Previous Partners

Impact Partners

To Be a Volunteer:

Being a volunteer is one of the most beautiful values that can be created individually to achieve social good. In this program, you can become a volunteer individually and contribute to both the development of children and the construction of a trusted community. In this way, you can contribute to cultural development for a better future.

For Corporate Collaboration:

The Good Governance for Children Program increases its impact and creates more value through corporate collaborations. In this program, there are different methods of collaboration:

  • You can facilitate the program's implementation with children in your school/institution.
  • You can conduct activities with children who are stakeholders of your NGO.
  • You can support activities to be carried out in other institutions/schools, either in-kind or financially.

Value Creation

We measure the value created through our interventions with the help of evaluation experts, assessing and reporting the progress in children's development. We would like to share some key findings from our assessment and evaluation efforts conducted since the first year of the program, combining traditional and innovative methods.

Development in the Culture of Living Together

According to feedback received from teachers and parents, it has been observed that children have better internalized the culture of living together.

Increase in Inquiry-Based Approach

Thanks to the program, an increase in children's capacity to question and determine accurate information has been observed.

Increase in Respect for Rights and Collaboration

Through group activities within the program, an increase has been observed in children's respect for rights, adoption of fair approach, and development of a culture of collaboration.

Increase in Self-Confidence and Accountability

Children have shown an increase in their self-confidence, their self-expression ability, and their potential to be transparent and accountable for their actions.

Increase in Sense of Responsibility

According to feedback received from teachers and parents, it has been observed that children take on more responsibilities both at home and at school.

Increase in Trust and Child Participation

By fostering an approach that respects children's rights, trust has been established, resulting in an increase in child participation.

Increase in Fair and Good-Faith Problem Solving

Children have developed competence in conflict resolution, and an increase has been observed in their capacity to generate fair, good-faith, and beneficial solutions for all participants.

Increase in Value Creation

Children have shown positive development in their responsibilities towards the environment, awareness of healthy living, and culture of living together harmoniously.

Opinions from Participants

I truly congratulate all those who have contributed to this project... My greatest wish is to continue these activities in many schools... The need is great, and the children are ready and amazing.

Ayşe Filippidis2021&2022 Volunteer

I'm glad that I became a volunteer, and I thank you for providing me with this opportunity. It's great to be united on this beautiful path with this project. I wish all children could have the chance to experience these activities. Thank you for this wonderful project.

Lale Başak2021 Volunteer

While we aim to make an impact on their lives, they are actually touching ours as well. I can't really determine who benefits more from this project. I receive feedback that doesn't just improve my day, but my entire life.

Bezni Çevik2021 Volunteer

Through the games we played, I learned to respect each other's rights, share, protect nature, and understand wants and needs. I really loved my volunteer sisters, and I would recommend volunteering to adults.

Melek, 10 yaşında bir öğrencimiz

Through this project, I learned about my responsibilities, rights, budgeting, media literacy, environmental protection, and how beautiful life can be. I have learned so much more, and I can't even begin to describe it all.

Hamza, 10 yaşında bir öğrencimiz

I will never forget the games we played and the topics we discussed throughout my life.

Eylül, 9 yaşında bir öğrencimiz

This program helped develop a sense of responsibility in my child towards both themselves and their surroundings. After each activity, they eagerly shared what they had done. Both our children and us were very happy, and we would like to thank everyone involved for their efforts.

2021 Öğrenci Velisi

After the activities started, I noticed an increase in my child's sense of responsibility. As parents, we also became more aware of the topics they experienced. This program is making a positive impact on the world, and I hope it reaches many more students and parents.

2021 Öğrenci Velisi

My child talked so much about the activities and volunteer sisters at home that I wanted to meet you. When I saw the work you do, I understood why they love you so much. You are truly doing an excellent job.

2022 Öğrenci Velisi

We were delighted to receive feedback from volunteers, children, teachers, and parents. Together, we observed that this program, in which we take on a supportive role in fostering responsible individuals, leads to behavioral changes in children.

Didem Mülayimsi ArgüdenAcarkent Rotary Kulübü 2021&2022 Dönem Başkanı

It was a fantastic project. I am confident that we have left an unforgettable mark in these children's lives.

Cem Gürpınar2021 Rotary Bölge Guvernörü Eşi