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ELoGE to 6 Municipalities

The Argüden Governance Academy, authorized by the Council of Europe to award the ELoGE in Türkiye, has established a National Platform in collaboration with the ALDA and Altınbaş University. Ankara, Eskişehir, Bağcılar, Gebze, Sultanbeyli, and Şişli have been awarded the ELoGE by independent jury.

School on Participatory Democracy in Türkiye

After the introductory training of the School on Participatory Democracy, which presents tools developed by the Council of Europe to enhance participation at the local level, in-depth training sessions on participatory tools are continuing in various times and cities.


ELoGE for
Turkish Municipalities

We have developed the Integrated Municipal Governance Model, which aims to increase the citizens’ quality of life by improving local governance quality. The Model ensures good governance, participatory democracy, effective resource and risk management by increasing the quality of participation, information, and functioning in municipalities.

Two Turkish Municipalities Awarded with the ELoGE

Our Integrated Municipality Governance Model fosters a culture of good governance at all levels and processes, resulting in Sultanbeyli and Şişli Municipalities being awarded the European Label of Governance Excellence as the first Turkish municipalities to receive the label.

Good Governance in Metropolitan Areas

We examined 27 metropolitan municipalities in Türkiye from the perspective of citizens with good governance principles. The Metropolitan Municipality Governance Scorecard has been developed as a unique model that can be implemented globally.

Results of Our Metropolitan Municipality Governance Scorecard

We shared the results of our research with public,
civil society and academia representatives. After the conference, we conducted a workshop where we compiled the recommendations proposed to enhance the quality of governance in metropolitan cities.


Child and Parent Friendly Municipalities

We examined Istanbul district municipalities and published our recommendations in this guide where developing inclusive and fair policies in local governance is emphasized. And also by sharing best practices, we accelerate mutual learning within local governments.

This project is very important in terms of having a holistic approach, facilitating mutual learning, creating collaboration opportunities, and initiating data-driven work.

Dr. Şengül Altan ArslanDeputy Secretary General of İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality

Better Quality of Local Governance

Our Integrated Municipality Governance Model helps to functionalize the 12 good governance principles of the Council of Europe and our Metropolitan Municipality Governance Scorecard measures the good governance practices of 30 metropolitan municipalities in Türkiye.


Good Governance for
Local Development

We shared our Local Development Guide as a policy development tool for better stakeholder engagement processes. We also published our Holistic Social Service Governance for Resilient Cities for cities to become
safer, more resilient, and livable places for people.

Good governance is essential for strong development, competitiveness, and quality of life. The Local Development Guide for Business will be an important companion in increasing the competitiveness of our cities and country.

Orhan TuranTÜRKONFED Chairman of Board

2nd Publication of the Series: Regulatory Policy Outlook

Following the 2015 report, we shared the Turkish translation of the
OECD Regulatory Policy Outlook 2018 report with private sector, public,
and civil society executives in collaboration with TÜSİAD and examined the developments in Türkiye by providing comparisons between the last two reports.


Globally First from Türkiye: Municipality Integrated Report!

Kadıköy Municipality became the first municipality
in the world to publish an integrated report by carrying out one of the recommendations of our Municipality Governance Scorecard©

Various NGOs Adopting our Model

Our Municipality Governance Scorecard© Model was adopted by various NGOs
that operates in several areas by adapting their own works.


Improving Quality of Local  Governance

We aim to trigger learning by measuring in municipalities with our Municipality Governance Scorecard©. While conducting our research from a citizen's perspective, we also carried out collaborative work with mukhtars and young people to increase stakeholder participation.

We Shared Our Results

The conference where we shared our publication and research findings was followed with interest by the national press. The model we developed in 2017 was announced as a good example by the OECD and attracted attention in the world.

Tools and instruments to assess governance quality is a very important issue both for practitioners and scholars. The Model developed by Argüden Governance Academy is cutting edge.

Shabbir CheemaHarvard Kennedy School


An Innovative Model from Türkiye to the World

Municipalities are the public institutions that can take the quickest action in improving citizens' quality of life. The improvement of the governance quality of local governments is crucial for a better future.

Our Municipality Governance Scorecard© Model examines the public data of municipalities from a citizen‑centric perspective, and aims to trigger learning speed via good examples. Our exemplary model is not only applicable in Türkiye but also in the World.


Congratulations to Our First Graduates!

We create value for more inclusive, participatory, and accountable decision-making mechanisms thanks to Good Governance in Public Sector Certificate Program and our successful graduates.

This training is a great opportunity for public experts. We have benefited from the training to the maximum extent possible. I believe that the next participants will also benefit from the training with the same efficiency.

Ahmet KebeliMinistry of Youth and Sports

First of Our Quality of Regulatory Policy Series

The quality of public regulations directly affects the citizens' quality of life. We trigger learning in Türkiye by bringing international regulatory policy standards. We shared the recommendations of the OECD Regulatory Policy Outlook 2015 Report with public and private sector managers in cooperation with TÜSİAD.


Academy’s First Conference!

Our first large-scale conference that we organized was Good Governance in Public – Policies and Practices. In order to build a better future, we believe in enhancing governance competencies of public experts with events such as this.


Academy’s First Publication

We translated “Recommendation of the Council on Regulatory Policy and Governance” by OECD into Turkish, which includes regulatory policies and good governance recommendations. Our first publication in partnership with the OECD has enabled us to disseminate international governance standards in Türkiye.