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Good Governance in Public - Policies and Good Practices

“The Quality of Governance of the Public Improves the Quality of Life of the Citizen”

Good governance practices and policies in the public sector were discussed at the conference held in Ankara by Argüden Governance Academy with the contributions of OECD and World Bank and in cooperation with public expert NGOs. The guest of honor of the conference, where the first book of Argüden Governance Academy, “Good Governance in the Public Service” was shared with the participants, was Nick Malyshev, Head of the OECD Regulatory Policies Department.

Good Governance in Public - Policies and Good Practices

Ankara, 26 May 2015

May 26, 2015 / Ankara – Prime Ministry Experts Association, Finance Experts Association, Public Internal Auditors Association, Legislative Association, Legislative Experts Association, Energy Market Experts Association, Informatics Experts Association, Tobacco and Alcohol Market Experts Association and Competition Experts Association. Argüden Governance Academy, which started a 'Good Governance Certificate Program in the Public Sector' that will continue until the end of the year with the participation of Boğaziçi University Faculty Members, organized a conference called 'Good Governance in the Public - Practices and Policies' in Ankara.

At the conference, the book "Good Governance in the Public", the first publication of the non-profit Argüden Governance Academy, which carries out its activities within the body of Boğaziçi University Foundation, was also shared with the participants.

The opening speech of the conference, which was held at Holiday Inn Çukurambar and attended by approximately 80 public administrators, was made by Argüden Governance Academy Founder and ARGE Danışmanlık Chairman of the Board Dr. Made by Yılmaz Argüden.

Dr. In his speech, Argüden drew attention to the fact that "when considered on the basis of world countries, the public sector constitutes at least 30 percent of the economy, and it also has a significant impact on the rest of the economy due to its regulatory role". “The efficient functioning of a structure that has such a decisive role is of great importance in terms of social life. Therefore, the governance quality of the public sector significantly affects our quality of life,” said Dr. Argüden stated that “The three conditions of governance quality in the public sector are to adopt a participatory approach in the regulation and supervision activities of the state, to benefit from the competitive market structure in the areas it serves, and to create mechanisms that listen to the voice of the citizens in determining priorities”.

The guest of honor of the conference is Nick Malyshev, Head of the OECD Regulatory Policy Division.

He made a presentation titled 'OECD Regulatory Policies and Good Governance Recommendations'.

Concluding speech of the conference, which continued with the panel on 'Good Governance in the Public Sector – Practices and Policies', moderated by Barış Dinçer, Director of Argüden Governance Academy, with the participation of World Bank Senior Economist Mediha Ağar and Argüden Governance Academy Fikret Toksöz. It was held by the Chairman of the Board of Directors Prof. Dr. Metin Çakmakçı.

Argüden Governance Academy: The new address of education and research in governance

The non-profit Academy continues its activities within the body of Boğaziçi University Foundation. Setting out with the understanding of "good governance, quality life", the Academy carries out activities to increase the quality of governance in public, non-governmental and private sector organizations. For this purpose, it develops joint education and research projects with academic institutions, international organizations and related non-governmental organizations.

Organizations that finance the academy's funding with various local and global contributions, especially Tırsan and Garanti Bank, also support to develop cooperation with various groups such as mukhtars, parliamentary advisors, parliamentary committee experts in order to share world examples of concepts such as participatory democracy, transparency and accountability in the coming period. they will have been.

At the same time, the Academy, which carries out studies for the development of the knowledge and experience of non-governmental organizations on good governance, plans training activities for the business world, in cooperation with the UN Global Compact, in order to contribute to the development of the boards of directors in particular on sustainable growth and responsible business principles.

The Director of Argüden Governance Academy is Barış Dinçer, who has carried out important works in international organizations such as the World Bank, Harvard University and OECD and won the "Ira Millstein Rising Star of Governance Award" last year.

Prof. Dr. Metin Çakmakçı, who successfully carries out his duties as a physician and academic and administrative manager in the field of health, as well as the Founding President of the Ethics and Reputation Association and the Founding Vice President of the Association for the Improvement of Quality in Health, is the Academy's Coordination Board President.  Pınar Ilgaz, one of the partners of ARGE Consulting, assumes the role of Vice President. Also on the Coordination Board, Bogazici University Social Sciences Institute Director Prof. Dr. Ünal Zenginobuz, McKinsey veteran Gizem Argüden and Academy Director Barış Dinçer.

On the Academics Board of the Academy, Prof. Dr. Unal Zenginobuz, Prof. Dr. Vedat Akgiray and Dr. Erkin Erimez is in the lead.

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