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Good Governance
in Public Sector

Developed for current and future executives in the public sector, the certificate program focuses on the importance of empirical methods and participatory democracy in policy design & implementation, and to increase service quality in doing so.

Good Governance
in Public Sector

The program aims to enhance the competencies of future public sector leaders in promoting participatory democracy in the formulation and implementation of public policies, as well as improving service quality in public enterprises through innovative methods.

Our certificate program consists of 4 modules, each module is 4 days long, and classes are held twice a week.

Module I - Good Governance and Sustainability in the Public Sector

  • Good Governance and Participatory Democracy in the Public Sector
  • The Modern State and the Role of the State
  • Measuring Governance Quality, Sustainable and Integrated Governance
  • Increasing Confidence in Public Administration
  • Regulatory and Supervisory Role of Public Institutions
  • Global Issues and Global Governance
  • Future Trends

Module II - Regulatory Reform and Scientific Methods in Public Policy

  • Strategic Management and Planning
  • Regulatory Impact Analysis Methodology and Evaluation Methods
  • Option Appraisal Methods in Impact Analysis
  • Social Analyses in Regulatory Policies
  • Regulatory Reform and Holistic Government
  • Effective Implementation of Public Policies
  • Capacity Building and Reducing Administrative Burdens
  • Measurement, Evaluation, and Reporting

Module III - Participatory Democracy and Open Government

  • Change in “Public/Citizen” Relations and Participatory Democracy
  • Stakeholders and Collaborative Problem-Solving – Implementation Cycle
  • Increasing Citizen Participation and Communication
  • Role of Local Governments in Participatory Democracy
  • Public Expenditure Analysis
  • Accountability and Ethics in the Public Sector
  • Socio – Economic Development Maps
  • Citizen’s Report: Citizen Satisfaction Surveys

Module IV - Effectiveness and Innovation in Public Service Delivery and Innovation

  • Effective Problem Solving and Implementation in the Public Sector
  • Private Sector and NGO Partnerships in Effective Problem Solving and Implementation
  • Performance Management and Learning Culture in Effective Problem Solving and Implementation
  • Developing Local Governments in Effective Problem Solving and Implementation
  • Innovation in Public Service Delivery
  • Innovation in Public Service Deliver 1: E-Government
  • Innovation in Public Service Deliver 2: Social Entrepreneurship
  • Innovation in Public Service Deliver 3: Behavioral Economics and “Nudge”

Those who attend at least 80% of the course will be awarded a certificate at the graduation ceremony.

Previous Partners

Knowledge Partner

This program, which offers us much more than awareness, will contribute significantly to both my personal development and professional experience as a professional. It is undoubtedly an internationally acclaimed program, meticulously designed, with carefully selected lessons that are comprehensive and eye-opening.

Hanifi KöroğluSermaye Piyasası Kurulu, Kıdemli Uzman

This training is a great opportunity for public experts. We have benefited from the training to the maximum extent possible. I believe that the next participants will also benefit from the training with the same efficiency.

Ahmet KebeliMinistry of Youth and Sports