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Good Governance Certificate Program in the Public Sector 2016 Graduation Ceremony

We support the development of governance knowledge of public sector leaders. We completed the third and fourth modules of our “Good Governance in Public” Certificate Program with the participation of 47 public sector leaders from 19 different institutions. This year, the first graduates of our program received their diplomas.

Good Governance Certificate Program in the Public Sector 2016 Graduation Ceremony

Ankara, 21 December 2016

We held the 2016 Graduation Ceremony of our "Good Governance in Public" Certificate Program with the wide participation of senior public administrators. By successfully completing the 96-hour intensive training program, which we organized with the cooperation of BÜYEM and the Prime Ministry Experts Association, Informatics Experts Association, Energy Experts Association, Public Internal Auditors Association, Finance Experts Association, Competition Experts Association, Tobacco and Alcohol Market Experts Association, Legislative Association, Legislative Experts Association We presented “Certificates of Expertise” to our participants who were entitled to graduate.

We are grateful to the Ministry of Youth and Sports for their unwavering support in the realization of our trainings and Graduation Ceremony.

In this certificate program, we brought together 13 trainers with our participants and contributed to our human capital, which is important in our business model.

With this program:
 • To raise awareness about the importance of governance and sustainability,
 • Adoption of analytical methods and participatory approach in the design and implementation of policies,
 • We aimed to increase the working quality of public sector leaders.

We conducted our Program for public sector leaders together with BÜYEM. We conducted 24-hour training in each module of the program, which consists of the following 4 modules:

• Good Governance in the Public Sector
 • Scientific Methods in Regulatory Reform and Public Policy
• Participatory Democracy and Open State
• Efficiency and Innovation in Public Services
 We share training notes, course curricula, reading lists and additional resources through our student information system so that participants can apply the knowledge, methods and techniques they have gained from the trainings in their working life.