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Good Governance Improves the Quality of Life for Citizens

“Good Governance in Public Sector Certificate Program” of Argüden Governance Academy aims to improve the competency of publix experts on good governance through fostering the participation of public sector to policy making and implementation process and improving the effectiveness of puvlic service delivery via innovation. The Program aims to raise awareness and improve knowledge of futura public service leaders on “governance and sustainability”.

Good Governance Improves the Quality of Life for Citizens

Bu haber 21 Aralık 2016'da Dünya Gazetesi'nde yayınlanmıştır.

In the Graduation Ceremony for “Good Governance in Public Sector Certificate Program”, “Certificates of Expertise” were presented to the key public officials who successfully completed the 96-hour Program.

Dr. Yılmaz Argüden, the Founder of the Argüden Governance Academy, stated that “Knowledge and love increases when they are shared with others. The Academy aims to increase the level of trust between public sector and citizens by sharing its knowledge, experience, and best practices in the world with qualified public sector executives who are potential future leaders. Dr. Argüden emphasized the importance of the Certificate Program and indicated that “The certificate program will be reorganized in 2017.”

For the Graduates, he underlined that, “Value can only be created through implementation. That’s why, we hope you maintain the continuity of this learning environment by applying good governance practices that you have learned in your responsibility areas and disseminate your experience.”

Trust for institutions is the key for development

Prof. Dr. Metin Çakmakçı, Chairman of Argüden Governance Academy, stated that, “Good governance increases the quality of life and is the key for sustainable success. The nation develops only through inclusive development, which builds trust at all levels of the society.” Ahmet Kebeli, the Director of Internal Auditing of Youth and Sports Ministry said “Good Governance in Public Sector Certificate Program offers an excellent opportunity for the public-sector leaders and we have benefited greatly from this Certificate Program.”

Kebeli added, “During the Program, having completed modules on Good Governance in Public Sector; Regulatory Reform and Empirical Methods in Policy-Making; Participatory Democracy and Open Government; and Effectiveness and Innovation in Public Service Delivery, the Program has provided us new perspectives and methodologies that we can implement. We believe that future participants will also benefit from every minute of this invaluable opportunity.”

The Academy envisions to become center of excellence in governance

Argüden Governance Academy operating under the aegis of Boğaziçi University Foundation (BÜVAK), conducts education programs, research, and communication activities; for public, corporate, and non-governmental organizations operating both at national and international level; aims to improve the quality of life and create sustainable value by building trust among institutions and their stakeholders. The Academy envisions to become a center of excellence in governance. It rewards the dissemination of good governance best practices by offering scholarships to postgraduate students who write their thesis on “Good Governance”. In 2016, Academy launched the first Turkish Integrated Report in 2016 and it became one of the pioneer non-profit organizations in the world adopting Integrated Report Framework.

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