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Local Development Guide for Business

Trust is the essence of good governance and sustainable development which improves quality of life. Therefore, without adopting a good governance culture, it would be not possible to achieve the sustainable development and improve quality of life.

Building effective, participatory, accountable, and inclusive institutions at all levels (SDG 16) and increasing cooperation and partnership for sustainable development (SDG 17) are defined as prerequisites for achieving other SDGs and these goals are directly related to the good governance culture... Hence, the good governance culture is the key for a for a sustainable future.

This Guide has been developed and prepared in cooperation with TÜRKONFED to help improve the quality of the policy climate through evidence-based policymaking with inclusive stakeholder engagement. The main aim of the Guide is to support a decision-making climate where economic, environmental, and social concerns are properly evaluated for sustainable development. It advocates a pro-competitive, transparent, predictable, and quality regulatory decision-making framework that support businesses, entrepreneurship, and innovation with minimum administrative burden. It also provides participatory policy development tools and best practices in this field to strengthen participatory democracy and to support local development.

Dr. Yılmaz ARGÜDEN

Chair of Trustees

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Authors: Dr. Erkin Erimez, Dr. İnan İzci