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We Shared Our Findings with Global Leaders

We shared the results of our Sustainability Governance Scorecard research as the knowledge partner of the IFRS Sustainability Symposium. Additionally, we presented two thought papers titled Not ESG but G(EES) and Integrated Thinking for Public Institutions.

We Launched Our SGS 2022 Results in Türkiye

We shared the results of our research in Türkiye, which examined the sustainability practices of 200 global sustainability leader companies operating in 10 sectors across 7 countries, with a webinar that we held in collaboration with Turkish Investor Relations Society.


Best Examples of
Sustainability are
Coming Together

We conduct research and write articles that clearly define the roles of boards of directors and top executives in leading the integration of sustainability into business practices more effectively.


3 Year Old Impact Research

As a knowledge partner of Value Reporting Foundation, we share our 2021 results of the Sustainability Governance Scorecard© at the Global Conference of Value Reporting Foundation.


Global Attention to Sustainability Governance

After our inaugural research received attention from local and global organisations, our 2020 report of Sustainability Governance Scorecard© also received critical acclaim. Our research model is cited as a good example to global leaders in the G20.


A Unique Model
for Sustainability

We examined the sustainability reports of global sustainability leaders in 10 sectors in 7 countries with our Sustainability Governance Scorecard© through good governance.

We Shared Our Results
at the IIRC Global Conference

The 2019 results of the Sustainability Governance Scorecard© attracted the attention of the local and global press at the International Integrated Reporting Council's 2019 Global Conference where we participated as a Knowledge Partner.

Sustainability Governance Scorecard is very crucial, and I am pleased to be a volunteer ambassador for the dissemination of the its philosophy.

Prof. Mervyn E. KingInternational Integrated Reporting Council Chair Emeritus


Congratulations to Our First Graduates in Corporate Sector

With our Good Governance in the Corporate program organized in collaboration with the International Finance Corporation, we brought together our Advisory Board Member Prof. David Beatty, Alexey K. Volynets, and other top experts in corporate governance from around the world with executives of leading companies in the industry.


Role of the General Counsel
for a Sustainable Future

We translated the Guide for General Counsel for Corporate Sustainability, which provides guidance and enriched with good examples for general counsels to work in line with the corporate sustainability principles, into Turkish on behalf of UNGC.

Corporate Sustainability Conferences for General Counsel

We organized corporate sustainability conference series for general counsels in 2017, 2018, and 2019 in collaboration with TUSIAD, Global Compact Türkiye, Galatasaray University, and Altınbaş University.


Our First Corporate Publication
is Demonstrated as Good Example

Our Responsible Boards for a Sustainable Future publication written by Dr. Yılmaz Argüden was our first publication pertaining to corporate governance. Our publication was also referenced as good example on business ethics, compliance, sustainability, and transparency by the Turkish Ethics and Reputation Association, which works to create sustainable local capacity.

The Handbook of Good Governance

Our Chairman of Trustees, Dr. Yılmaz Argüden, authored the chapter "Responsibilities of Boards for a Sustainable Future" in the Handbook of Board Governance. In this chapter, Dr. Argüden creates opportunities for development by sharing examples of good practices, along with the role of boards and the new standards of sustainability. The chapter, which serves as a guide for integrating sustainability vision into organizational structure, includes a 34-question self-assessment guide for boards to evaluate themselves from a sustainability perspective at the end.

Dr. Argüden is the only Turkish expert invited to the ‘All-Star’ contributor list of The Handbook of Board Governance.

Didem Eryar ÜnlüDünya Newspaper


Responsible Boards
for a Better Future

Dr. Argüden's article in the IFC Private Sector Opinion publication defines the responsibilities of boards of directors for a sustainable future and provides an action plan. The 35 sustainability questions at the end of the article measure the performance of boards and guide in their sustainability journey.


OECD Principles of Corporate Governance

We were among the 75 institutions worldwide that provided feedback on the renewed OECD Principles of Corporate Governance study in 2014-2015.

We shared our suggestions with the OECD, such as the promotion of stakeholder participation at all levels of the organization, increasing trust in the institution, and supporting more effective boards of directors.

First Training Program of Academy

We organized a one-day training program in collaboration with the Corporate Governance Association of Türkiye for private sector executives with the aim of evaluating and increasing the effectiveness of board of directors processes.

IFC Global Boards Organizations Meeting

In a two-day meeting organized in collaboration with the International Finance Corporation and Corporate Governance Association of Türkiye, the sustainability of activities of civil society organizations focused on board of directors, international cooperation, and financial support opportunities were discussed.