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Sustainability Governance Scorecard 
2022 Webinar

We shared the results of our Sustainability Governance Scorecard 2022 research in collaboration with TÜYİD on Thursday, March 16. 

Sustainability Governance Scorecard 
2022 Webinar

Online, 16 March 2023

Ensuring sustainability is the way for a better future and social benefit through efficient use of resources. Good governance is the key to the sustainability of sustainability efforts. Therefore, we continue to develop the Sustainability Governance Scorecard, which defines how the Global Sustainability Leaders implement and manage their sustainability efforts.

We examined the sustainability approaches of 200 global sustainability leaders operating in 10 sectors in 7 countries to evaluate the sustainability of their sustainability practices.

We aimed to measure the approach and governance structure rather than performance with the Sustainability Governance Scorecard Model. The underlying questions of our research were:

  • With which standards should companies manage and report on sustainability?
  • How do companies ensure the sustainability of sustainability?
  • How can we increase the pace of development by learning from good examples?
  • How can they create long-term value for their stakeholders?

91 participants joined our event that ARGE Consultancy Chairman of the Board Dr. Yılmaz Argüden, Argüden Governance Academy Board Member Gizem Argüden Oskay, and Project Leader Melis Türker spoke about Sustainability Governance Scorecard.

At the event, the distribution of Global Sustainability Leaders in Türkiye and the status of the companies surveyed to include sustainability in the following subjects were conveyed.

  • Board Skills Matrix
  • Executive Compensation
  • Sustainability Targets and Results
  • Board Oversight and Audit
  • Supply Chain Sustainability
  • Link to SDGs and Ecosystem
  • Learning and Development

It was mentioned that the importance and contribution of the Sustainability Governance Scorecard for a better quality of life is not limited to results, but also shares recommendations for a better future and triggers development through good examples.

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