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Sustainability Governance Scorecard seeks to identify whether the Global Sustainability Leaders have the right processes, people, incentives, and culture to provide good governance (guidance and oversight) over their sustainability efforts.

Sustainability Governance Scorecard

Publicly available data is analyzed in the SG Scorecard through a ‘governance lens’, since good governance is the key to the sustainability of sustainability efforts. As a result of the analysis, 197 GSLs are classified according to their scores into five tiers for comparison purposes.

The coverage of their sustainability efforts are comprehensive in terms of stakeholders, value chain and geographies, and continuous improvement is embedded in their efforts through a learning loop. 

Knowledge Partner

Dissemination Partner

Sustainability Governance Scorecard is very crucial, and I am pleased to be a volunteer ambassador for the dissemination of the its philosophy.

Prof. Mervyn E. KingInternational Integrated Reporting Council Chair Emeritus