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IFRS Sustainability Symposium

As Arguden Governance Academy, we invited to the IFRS Sustainability Symposium held in Montreal on February 16–17 as a Knowledge Partner. Our Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Dr. Yılmaz Argüden, and our Board Member Gizem Argüden Oskay participated in the symposium.

IFRS Sustainability Symposium

Montreal, 16 – 17 February 2023

The IFRS Sustainability Symposium brought together global businesses, investors, and policymakers to discuss progress towards a global foundation for sustainability disclosures to inform investment decisions.

The IFRS Sustainability Symposium was the first meeting for companies, investors, and consultants to discuss the global foundations of sustainability disclosures for investors.

The main topics of discussion at the symposium included:

  • Feedback on draft standards and progress towards the publication of final standards
  • Expectations for the legal adoption of IFRS Sustainability Disclosure Standards
  • Capacity-building needs for both developing economies and small and medium-sized companies
  • Preparedness of investors and corporates to use and disclose with the standards
  • Best practices and usage examples for integrated reporting

Last year, the ISSB was established under the roof of IFRS by consolidating different sustainability standards in order to develop comparable global standards that could make sustainability reporting mandatory for companies and have an impact on investor decisions.

Kevin Deer, Mohawk leader, began his opening speech at the Summit with the words “We are the guardians and protectors of our planet and nature for future generations.” Emmanuel Faber, Chairman of the ISSB, shared that the first part of global sustainability standards will be announced in June 2023 and will come into effect in January 2024.

At the panels of the Summit, it was emphasized how the standards were created from the perspective of being useful to participants and decision-makers. Different perspectives on the use and development process of the standards by companies at different scales and levels of development were discussed.

At the Symposium, as the Argüden Governance Academy:

  • We shared two thought articles titled G(EES) not ESG and Integrated Thinking for Public Sector on sustainability, governance, and integrated thinking.
  • We also shared the results of our Sustainability Governance Scorecard research, which we completed for the fourth time this year, with thought leaders at the conference.
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