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Better Governance - Brazil
Founding Partner

Sandra Guerra

Advisory Board Member

Sandra Guerra is the founding partner of Better Governance (IBGC - Instituto Brasileiro De Governança Corporativa), a Brazilian-based consultancy dedicated to help companies and organizations to supplement corporate governance understanding and improvement. In 2012, she was elected as the first chairwoman of the IBGC Board.

Sandra has been twice appointed among the 10 top international professionals with bigger impact in disseminating corporate governance principles by Global Proxywatch: Top 10 Architects of Corporate Governance, in 2004 and Top 10 Stars of Corporate Governance in 2010. Sandra Guerra served as Board Director of International Corporate Governance Network twice. She also served as coordinator of the Companies Circle of Latin American Corporate Governance Roundtable since inception in 2005 for 7 years. 

She also holds a B.A. in Social Communications and is an Accredited Board Director at IBGC and an Accredited Mediator at CEDR – in London.