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1st Term of GOV101 Training Program

With our volunteer team of young people, we have developed a training program for university students: GOV 101 Training Program!

1st Term of GOV101 Training Program

Istanbul , 2 October – 19 November 2019

As the Academy, we have been acting with the vision of "spreading good governance to all segments of society" since the day we were founded. In this direction, we develop content not only for children and professionals, but also for young people.

With GOV101, we aim to raise the awareness of good governance among university students, who are the leaders of today and the future, while also supporting their development and mobilizing them. For this reason, we designed the YÖN101 Education Program as a program that is suitable for the language of young people, fun and based on learning by experience.

 In YÖN101, which is a training program of 7 meetings and a total of 14 hours, we talked about good governance and its principles with examples from life and allowed the participants to experience the relationship between success and good governance.

While developing the leadership skills of the participants in the program with a good governance perspective; We talked about the value creation cycle, strategy management, volunteer management, performance evaluation, process management, organization, integrated thinking and development based on value creation.

We held the first of the YÖN101 Training, in which Leading Students, who are on the boards of directors of social clubs at leading universities, participate free of charge, between October 12 and November 28, 2019 in cooperation with the Educational Volunteers Foundation of Türkiye (TEGV), Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG) and sahibinden.com. 28 Leader Students from 12 universities graduated from the first training program.

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