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2nd Term Of GOV101 Training Program

The second term of the GOV101 Training Program was completed with 82 university students.

2nd Term Of GOV101 Training Program

7 March – 25 April 2020

214 applications were received for the Education Program from 22 different universities in Istanbul. The applications were scored according to the evaluation criteria determined by the team and the results were transparently announced to the participants.

Interview invitations were sent to the candidates who passed the 1st stage. After the 7-day interview process, the results were announced in a transparent way and Dr. Yılmaz Argüden and Dr. Emre Alkın started the trainings.

After the 2nd week trainings, with the universities switching to online education due to the pandemic, the GOV101 Training Program was also moved to the online platform. In the 8-week training program, apart from the 24-hour training meetings, teamwork was carried out, in which the participants applied what they learned. 82 people graduated from the 8-week training program and were entitled to join the Youth Network.

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