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4th Term Of GOV101 Training Program

There were 511 applications from 108 universities to the GOV101 Training, which took place between March 8 and April 25. 51 of our friends successfully completed the 8-week training, in which the participants were determined as a result of the interviews.

4th Term Of GOV101 Training Program

Online, 8 March – 25 April 2021

Educational program

  • Dr. Yılmaz Argüden | What is Good Governance? - 08.03.2021
  • Pınar Ilgaz | Good Governance Principles - 13.03.2021
  • Canberk Ünsal | Philosophy and Setting the Direction - 20.03.2021
  • Didem Bilgin | Drawing a Road Map - 27.03.2021
  • Burak Erşahin | Determining How to Work - 03.04.2021
  • Mehmet Bahadır Teke | Stakeholders & Volunteering - 10.04.2021
  • Dr. Fatma Öğücü Şen | Integrated Thinking - 17.04.2021
  • Presentations and Evaluation Week Day 1 - 24.04.2021
  • Presentations and Evaluation Week 2nd Day - 25.04.2021

We would like to express our thanks to our trainers who contribute throughout the training and aim to extend good governance to more people; Dr. Yılmaz Argüden, Pınar Ilgaz, Canberk Ünsal, Didem Bilgin, Burak Erşahin, Mehmet Bahadır Teke and, Dr. Fatma Öğücü Şen, our mentors; Arda Argüden, Cansel Çelik, Derya Bilgin, Erben Samet Arifoğlu, İrem Ayyıldız and Yunus Emre Gültekin.

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Didem Bilgin

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