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G20 Leaders Antalya Summit / C20 Working Group

2015 was a prominent year in the field of global governance with Türkiye's presidency of the G20. We also contributed to the C20 consultation processes as a member of the Governance Working Group. In 2015, our first fully operational year, we took part in important platforms in the field of good governance.

G20 Leaders Antalya Summit / C20 Working Group

Antalya, 16 November 2015

We discussed governance at the G20 meetings chaired by Türkiye. We shared our knowledge on inclusive growth, which is at the center of the discussions, as the keynote speaker at the G20 Inclusive Growth Conference. Besides, we were among the participants of the G20 Antalya Summit.

As a C20 Governance Working Group Member, we contributed to the consultation processes. At the C20 Summit, we discussed the role of civil society in the implementation of the Stay Sustainable Goals in a panel we organized. We made a special effort to include the support of the UN Global Compact and Integrated Reporting concepts among the recommendations prepared for the G20 leaders.

We have shared our knowledge of global governance in our publications and consultation processes:

• Our article on “Active Participation and Responsible Approach” was shared with the readers in the official publication of “G20 Türkiye: Antalya Summit 2015” prepared by the University of Toronto, the Munk School of Global Affairs, G20 Research Group. The article summarizes our contributions to the G20 process as the Academy.

• Our book “Good Governance Recommendations for the G20” was published. The main message that emerged as a result of the surveys and panels we carried out was as follows:
 For inclusive and sustainable development, the adoption of good governance and responsible working principles in the public and private sectors, and the creation of an environment of transparency and trust will improve our quality of life.