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Ministry of EU Civil Society Sector Workshop

The first of the Civil Society Sector Workshops, which was envisaged to be held within the scope of the "Civil Society Sector Preparation and Implementation Support Project for the 2016-2017 Period Programming Process" carried out by the Ministry of EU Affairs, was held on February 15, 2017 in Ankara with the wide participation of 150 NGO Representatives.

Ministry of EU Civil Society Sector Workshop

İstanbul, 22 – 23 November 2017

The workshop was attended by Gabriel Munuera Vinals, Deputy Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Türkiye, and Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry for European Union Affairs, Dr. It started with the opening speeches made by Mehmet Cangir. In the opening speeches, the importance of defining civil society as a “sector” in the second term of IPA (2014-2020) and the ongoing efforts to increase the capacity of non-governmental organizations were emphasized. Then, the representatives of the Ministry for European Union gave detailed information about the “civil society sector” and the functioning of the programming process. The morning session of the workshop ended with the explanation of the grant opportunities that non-governmental organizations can benefit from within the scope of EU financial aid in the new period.

In the afternoon session of the workshop, the priorities of non-governmental organizations and how to ensure the active participation of the non-governmental sector in the programming process were discussed. In addition, the participants had the opportunity to present their opinions and suggestions regarding the projects to be designed to support non-governmental organizations in the upcoming programming period.

The workshop ended with the closing speech of Ambassador Selim Yenel, Undersecretary of the Ministry for EU Affairs. Addressing the importance of Türkiye-EU financial cooperation in his speech, Ambassador Selim Yenel stated that non-governmental organizations have important duties in order to benefit more effectively from EU funds and to realize more projects.

You can access the presentations used in the workshop from the extension below.