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UN Sustainable Development Goals! Risks! Panel

Consultation; Develops Community Wisdom, Participatory Democracy and Trust

We shared our publications “Consultation: Stakeholder Participation in Decisions” and Integrated Thinking with more than 1,000 executives in cooperation with KalDer at the 26th Quality Congress themed as Leadership in Transformation. Directed by our founder, Dr. Yılmaz Argüden, “United Nations Sustainable Development Goals! Risks!” panel also raised the issue.

UN Sustainable Development Goals! Risks! Panel

26th Quality Congress, Istanbul, 21 – 22 November 2017

At KalDer's 26th National Quality Congress themed “Leadership for Transformation”, the panel titled Sustainable Development Goals was attended by Garanti Bank Deputy General Manager Ebru Dildar Edin, Business World Sustainable Development Association President Canan Ercan Çelik, UN Global Compact Türkiye President Mustafa Seçkin and Yaşar Holding Management Board. Board member İdil Yiğitbaşı.

Our founder, Dr. Yılmaz Argüden, in the panel he chaired, stated that it is important for the stakeholders to contribute to the decision processes for the implementation of good governance principles. In this respect, he emphasized that making inclusive consultation processes work is an important step in building trust in both “citizen-state” relations and “company-stakeholder” relations. At the panel, we reached 573 private sector representatives and promoted our books. In addition, we reached 2,514 people with our publications distributed at the summit and our promotional space.

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