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“Good Governance in Public Sector - Policies and Implementation” Conference

Good governance proctices and policies in public sector were discussed in Ankara at a Conference, organized by Argüden Governance Academy, with the contributions of OECD and World Bank. Honor guest of the Conference was Nick Malyshev, Head of OECD Regulatory Policiy Division. “Good Governance in Public Sector”, first book of Argüden Governance Academy was shared with the participants at that event.

“Good Governance in Public Sector - Policies and Implementation” Conference

Having launched “Good Governance in Public Sector Certificate Program” in Ankara, with professors of Boğaziçi University and in cooperation with public sector experts’ associations, which will last until the end of the year, Argüden Governance Academy also organized a conference in Ankara, titled, “Good Governance in Public Sector - Policies and Implementation”.  

“Good Governance in Public Sector”, first book of Argüden Governance Academy, a non – profit initiative operating under the aegis of Boğaziçi University Foundation (BÜVAK), was also shared with the participants at the conference.

The opening address of the conference, which took place at Holiday Inn Çukurambar and attended by more than 100 public sector managers, was given by Dr. Yılmaz Argüden, Founder of Argüden Governance Academy and Chairman of ARGE Consulting.

 At his speech, Dr. Argüden pointed out the important impact of the public sector, “As the public sector makes up at least 30% of the economies in countries and plays a regulatory role on the rest of those economies, the effectiveness of public administration is critical for the quality of life.”

He continued: “Three conditions for democratic governance are; to have evidence based decision making processes, to make use of competitive market structures in areas that it provides services and to set up mechanisms to hear citizens’ voices in determining priorities.”  

Nick Malyshev, the Honor Guest of the conference and Head of OECD Regulatory Policy Division, made a presentation, titled, “OECD Regulatory Policies and Good Governance Suggestions”.  

The conference continued with the panel titled, “Good Governance in Public Sector - Policies and Implementation”, under the moderation of Argüden Governance Academy Director Barış Dinçer and with the participation of Senior World Bank Economist Mediha Ağar and Fikret Toksöz from the Institute. The closing speech was made by Prof. Dr. Metin Çakmakçı, Chairman of Board of Argüden Governance Academy.  

Argüden Governance Academy: New address for training and research in Governance

The non – profit Academy was founded in February 2014, in order to conduct activities to share its knowledge on governance with society. Operating under the aegis of Boğaziçi University Foundation (BÜVAK), the Academy started with the motto, “good governance for quality life” and conducts its operations to increase the quality of governance in public sector, as well as NGO’s, and private sector. To this end, it develops joint training and research projects with academic institutions, international organizations, and relevant NGO’s.     

Initial donations were received from TIRSAN, Garanti Bank, and ARGE Consulting. Local and international donors will also be contributing to the development of collaborations with ‘muhtars’, advisors to the parliamentarians, and experts of Parliamentary Committees in order to share global examples of concepts like participatory democracy, transparency, and accountability.  

Working to increase the knowledge and experience of NGO’s in good governance, the Academy also plans – in cooperation with UN Global Compact - training programs for businesses in order to support the development of Boards of Directors in the field of sustainability and responsible business principles.

Barış Dinçer, who has undertaken important projects in international organizations like World Bank, Harvard University and OECD, is the Director of Argüden Governance Academy.  

Academy’s Chairman of the Board is Prof. Dr. Metin Çakmakçı, who is also a doctor, academic administrator, Founding Chairman of Ethics and Reputation Association and Deputy Chairman of Association to Improve Quality in Health. Deputy Chairperson is Pınar Ilgaz, a partner of ARGE Consulting. BÜVAK Representative and Boğaziçi University Social Sciences Institute Director Prof. Dr. Ünal Zenginobuz, Gizem Argüden, with business experience from McKinsey and Academy Director Barış Dinçer are also Board members.

The Academic Board of Argüden Governance Academy includes Prof. Dr. Ünal Zenginobuz, Prof. Dr. Vedat Akgiray, and Dr. Erkin Erimez.


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