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Good Corporate Governance

Transformation of strategic decision-making processes over time, becoming company of choice among highly qualified professionals, creating an effective board, corporate governance in family businesses...

Good Corporate Governance

Members of the board of directors and top managers of family companies, which have an active role in the future of our country's business world, participate in our program, which aims at sustainability in the private sector and business world of our country.

In cooperation with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), for the first time in Türkiye, we are organizing a comprehensive certificate program for private sector representatives that addresses the "correct and good corporate governance" process in depth.

Course Program

Module I – The Journey of Corporate Governance

  • What is Governance?
  • Principles of Governance: CRAFTED & LOGIC®

Module II – From Management to Governance: SMEs

  • Building and Sustaining Trust in SMEs
  • What ARE Investors Looking for by Requiring Better Governance?
  • Measuring Governance Quality – DSICS®

Module III – SME Governance Framework and Case Study

  • Introduction to Governance exercise
  • SME Governance Framework
  • Case Study

Module IV – Addressing SME “Pain Points”

  • Human Capital
  • Succession Planning
  • Effectively Managing Shareholders & Other Stakeholders
  • Control Environment

Module V – Strategic and Management Decision Making

  • Management Decision Making
  • External Advisors and Advisory Board

Module VI – Keys to Have Responsible Boards in SMEs

  • Role of BoDs
  • Having a Responsible Board
  • Diversity in the Boards
  • Crafting the Sustainability Vision and Building Sustainable Boards
  • Special Considerations: Family Business

Module VII – Sustainable Value Creation: Integrated Thinking

  • Sustainable Value Creation
  • Integrated Thinking and Strategic Decision Making Process
  • Transparency and Building Trust
  • From Integrated Thinking to Integrated Reporting

Module VIII – SME CG Self-Diagnostic Assessment

  • Case study Final Discussion
  • Self-Assessment Tool Instructions
  • Individual Work with the Tool

Our certificate program consists of 2 days. Attendees who attend the full duration of both days of our training will be presented with a certificate at the end of the 2nd day.

Knowledge Partner

Opinions from Participants

During these two days of training, we learned a great deal from our instructors who came from both domestic and international backgrounds. Additionally, listening to the experiences of the participants was equally enlightening.

Ebru DormanMV Holding, Board Member and CEO

An educational program that provides significant benefits for the next generation of managers, general managers, board member candidates, or existing board members.

Alp ÖğücüLila Grup, Genel Müdür

Anyone who aspires to take on a senior management role in a company and aims to create lasting value for their community, the organization they work for, and their family in the long term should participate in this program.

Ayşenur NuhoğluTIRSAN, Yönetim Kurulu Üyesi