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Governance + Program

It is a "governance deepening program" that can be attended by members of the Governance Youth Network who also take on leadership roles within the Network.

Governance + Program

The number of members, programs/projects, and consequently the need for human resources within the Youth Network is increasing day by day. In order to enhance the competencies of Youth Network members, foster good governance leaders, and ensure the sustainability of the Network, the Governance+ Program is organized by the Youth Network members who take responsibility for internal resource development.

The program is organized for members of the Youth Network who have completed the Governance101 or Aristo Social Entrepreneurship Training Programs organized by the Youth Network, actively participated in current activities, and continue to be involved.

The training model combines theoretical and practical learning, providing preliminary knowledge through pre-training mini research/exercises, post-training assignments, and the training process to ensure deep learning and reinforcement of knowledge with module-end assignments. At the end of the program, participants are required to complete a final project on a specialized topic that addresses the overall program content. Both written and oral assignments for the program will be organized.

Graduates of the Governance+ Program are expected to contribute to the organization of the program in the new term as team members and also contribute to peer learning.