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Age-Friendly Municipalities Workshop

We held an Age-Friendly Municipalities Workshop with the contributions of Şişli Municipality and Sultanbeyli Municipality during the 18-24 March Senior Citizens Week.

Age-Friendly Municipalities Workshop

Altınbaş University, 24 March 2022

After the opening speeches of our Vice-Chair Pınar Ilgaz and Şişli Municipality Social Services Manager Öznur Sarıahmetoğlu, we held the workshop with the moderation of our Scholar & Gerontologist Tuğçe Tıngır and our Corporate Communications Specialist Gamze Talay.

In the workshop we held, the participants were divided into tables within the scope of the Principles of Aging published by the United Nations (Independence Desk, Participation Desk, Care Desk, Self-Realization Desk, and Reputation Desk) in the first session, and in the second session, they presented the problems they had with these principles and suggested solutions to these problems in the second session. We completed our workshop with the table presentations and evaluations made in the last session.

The workshop held at Altınbaş University Gayrettepe Campus was attended by 42 people from different institutions.

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