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Ethics in Public Administration

Our coordinator Müjde Çetin participated in a roundtable meeting titled “Ethics in Public Administration” held in Istanbul in order to encourage the consideration of the privileges of trial of public officials and accountability by both local and national non-governmental organizations, and to enable institutions and experts working in this field to meet and share information.

Ethics in Public Administration

Istanbul, 26 January 2017

NGOs working in the fields of women, LGBTI, good governance and accountability and participants from the Istanbul Bar Association Human Rights Center shared their activities and their views on what civil society can do in the field of accountability. At the meeting, the draft proposal of TESEV's local, civil and independent ethics committee was presented to the participants; A participatory discussion was made on how the proposal could be implemented and the proposal was developed.

Our coordinator Müjde Çetin attended the Ethics in Public Administration Roundtable Workshop organized by TESEV and drew attention to the importance of good governance principles.