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Improving Metropolitan Governance Quality

As part of World Metropolitan Day, October 7, we gathered at an international event with intellectual leaders from the international Council of Europe, OECD and LSE Cities to highlight the importance of improving the quality of governance of metropolitan authorities through measurement.

Improving Metropolitan Governance Quality

6 October 2022

World Metropolitan Day is a global campaign by Metropolis and UN-Habitat that promotes collective action to build more just and prosperous metropolises. This year's slogan of World Metropolitan Day is “Breaking Borders”. On October 7, 2022, the communities and authorities of metropolitan cities around the world are invited to reaffirm their commitment to cross borders and close gaps. This is how we can reach more integrated metropolitan areas that host thriving communities and offer solutions to the challenges of their people and the planet.

In the webinar we held with Metropolis; The Metropolitan Municipality Governance Scorecard Model, which is the first of its kind in terms of citizen-centered holistic measurement and evaluation of governance culture in metropolitan governments, was presented and discussed by the speakers.

Our Metropolitan Municipality Governance Scorecard research aims to support democracy, sustainable development and quality of life at the global, national and local levels by reinforcing good governance in metropolitan governments. Based on good governance principles, the scorecard allows citizens to monitor and evaluate metropolitan administrations based on official documents, information and data.

Metropolitan municipalities, NGO’s, citizens and central governments around the world were among the target groups of the webinar. The webinar, whose opening speech was given by our Chairman of Trustees Dr. Yılmaz Argüden, was moderated by our Academic Board Member Dr. Erkin Erimez.

Webinar Speakers:
Niall Sheerin, Council of Europe
Oscar Huerta Melchor, OECD
Nuno F. da Cruz, LSE Cities
Dr. İnan İzci, Argüden Governance Academy

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