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IoD Network Meeting and Consultation

International Finance Corporation - IFC will organize the second of the IoD Network Meeting and Consultation, the first of which was held in 2011 with the participation of non-governmental organizations working on Boards of Directors from 15 different countries, in Istanbul on May 13-14 with the support of the Corporate Governance Association of Türkiye (TKYD) and Argüden Governance Academy. 

IoD Network Meeting and Consultation

Istanbul, 13 – 14 May 2014

Representatives of 30 countries from different parts of the world such as Brazil, Thailand, Morocco, Singapore, Indonesia, UAE and Malaysia will attend the meeting. In the two-day meeting, the successful sustainability of the activities of non-governmental organizations focused on the board of directors, international cooperation opportunities and the current and future support programs of the World Bank and IFC will be discussed.

Barış Dinçer, Member of the Board of Directors of TKYD and Director of Argüden Governance Academy, whose opinions we received about the meeting, said, “IFC attaches great importance to the role of non-governmental organizations such as Corporate Governance Associations and Directors' Institutes in improving the quality of boards of directors in developing countries, and accordingly contributes to the capacity building of these organizations in many countries. Türkiye has a successful example of TKYD, which has made significant contributions to the establishment of similar associations in neighboring countries and completed its 11th year. The Argüden Governance Academy, which was established this year, is a research and education-oriented structure in cooperation with international organizations such as IFC, OECD and universities. I believe that this important global meeting, which will be held in cooperation with the participants, will be very beneficial in terms of providing a basis for experience and knowledge sharing for all participants."

 Güray Karacar, Secretary General of TKYD, said, “The collaborations we have made with many international organizations since 2003 enabled this important meeting to be brought to our country with IFC. Although it is a newly created structure, we are happy to cooperate in this project with Argüden Governance Academy, which brings together important experts in this field. The meeting, which will have participants from many different countries, will help us to follow the trends and help us to develop our existing cooperation in the region. After the meeting, which will present us with an important learning process among other business world organizations established for similar purposes, we aim to contribute to our country by conducting more effective studies in the field of corporate governance, which is of great importance for being competitive in the international arena.” said.