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Local Good Governance at International Area

Our Academic Board Members are Dr. İnan İzci and Dr. Erkin Erimez gave a seminar on the approach to Municipal Governance Report Card for everyone who wants to learn about the value of good governance and the benefits of improving governance cultures and practices at the invitation of an international organization called Apolitical.

Local Good Governance at International Area

6 May 2021

During the seminar, participants were shared how to use data to map, measure and improve the culture and practices of good governance, and information was given about the Municipal Governance Scorecard Model. 179 people participated in the training held on May 6, 2021.

Some of the topics discussed in the seminar are;

What is good governance and why is it important?
How is good governance measured and how is continuous improvement achieved?
How to use data and stakeholder engagement to improve governance models?
How can business and local government work together?

Click here to access the training record.

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