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Methods of Supporting Added Value in the Work and Operation of Internal Audit

With the cooperation of Kidder, the umbrella union of public internal auditors, and Marmara Municipalities Union, which is the merging point of Marmara region municipalities, we participated in the Istanbul Internal Audit Business and Operations Supporting Value-Added Event in order to create synergy in the field of auditing.

Methods of Supporting Added Value in the Work and Operation of Internal Audit

Istanbul, 11 May 2018

It was emphasized that performance auditing in the logic of the private sector and the need for intensification of audits regarding the Security of Information Technologies at a time when information is so dynamic.

In the event attended by the Ministry of Finance Internal Audit Coordination Board Chairman İlhan Hatipoğlu, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Secretary General Sezai Makas and many bureaucrats and private sector representatives, the necessity of monitoring the audit with a continuous quality assurance development system as a function of public administration was emphasized.

The subject of auditing, which is an indispensable phenomenon in all systems applied in the world, will continue to be on the agenda even though its shape changes, from this point of view, Internal Audit, which is an indispensable phenomenon of auditing, is a dynamic profession. KİDDER President Bahadır Topal, who stated that these and similar events would be very beneficial in order to exchange and exchange, said that our main goal is to create an innovative approach by bringing the public and private sectors together with a proactive approach in the Presidential government System, creating the opportunity to see how the public will benefit from the private sector and how the private sector will benefit from the public. stressed that the process should begin.

İlhan Hatipoğlu, Head of Internal Audit Coordination Board (IDKK) of the Ministry of Finance, stated that the Information Technologies (IT) guide was published in 2014, that the expectations from the public internal audit system within the scope of IT assurance service are high, that requests are received from public institutions to IDKK. He stated that it is desired to increase the certification rate in the public sector regarding auditing. Sabri Çakıroğlu, Head of Internal Audit of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, emphasized the importance of the proactive approach and the domestic and national system in auditing in the Presidential Government System and emphasized the role of internal audit in this system.

In the event attended by many civil society leaders, the Deputy Chairman of the Internal Audit Institute of Türkiye (TİDE), Mr. Mustafa Kemal Tapkan emphasized the importance of cooperation between the public and private sectors. President of the Public Informaticians Association, Assoc. Gökhan Özbilgin stated that social skills are the most important factor in the audit process and shared some researches and emphasized the importance of social skills in gaining professional competence. Necdet Almaç, member of the ISACA Board of Directors, emphasized the importance of shifting the auditors' resources, who will always cooperate on information security in the public sector, to Information Technologies Security in our country, as in developed countries. Doğu Özden, Chairman of the Board of the Corporate Risk Management Association, emphasized that the role of Consulting will be a rising value in the internal audit system, and that it will increase its added value by making audit risk-based and benefiting from private sector experiences.

On behalf of Argüden Governance Academy, Dr. İnan İzci stated that approximately 230 processes related to corporate risk management were determined in local administrations within the scope of the Municipality Governance Scorecard, that they scored according to the criteria determined when they ranged from 0 to 1000 points, and that all institutions had scores between 300 and 650, and that if awareness of this study is raised, a risk management scorecard. He stated that it will have an important reputation value by the administrations.

It was stated that auditing as an activity of trust, which is an important factor of being a global state, will be the only political responsibility of the President in the Presidential Government System, and in this system, success will be achieved with an audit system that will pre-purchase in order to quickly inform the public of the correct information as a requirement of this responsibility.

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