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Public Regulation Quality 2018 Report Evaluation Meeting

We translate OECD's Regulatory Policy Outlook Reports into Turkish to create value in public governance.

Public Regulation Quality 2018 Report Evaluation Meeting

Istanbul, 16 January 2020

In addition to the 2015 Report, we translated the last report into Turkish and our Academic Board Member Dr. Erkin Erimez examined the developments in Türkiye by providing comparisons between the last two reports. Thanks to the OECD Regulatory Policies Department Chair and our Advisory Board Member Nick Malyshev, TÜSİAD Secretary-General Dr. Bahadır Kaleağası, Sabancı University Faculty Member Emeritus Prof. Ersin Kalaycıoğlu, and Hacettepe University Faculty Member Prof. Muhittin Acar for contributing to the announcement of the Report as the main speaker of our event, which was announced in cooperation with TÜSİAD.

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