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SDG11: World Cities Day

Moderated by our Academic Board Member Dr. İnan İzci, a panel on Climate Action Plans for Sustainable Cities was held on 31 October 2021 as part of SKA11: World Cities Day.

SDG11: World Cities Day

Online, 31 October 2021

Climate Action Plans for Sustainable Cities Panel was held on the SDG11: World Cities Day. The panel was attended by Dr. İnan İzci as moderator, Ahmet Cihat Kahraman, Environmental Management Coordinator from Marmara Municipalities Union, Rıfat Ünal Sayman, Chairman of the Regional Environment Center for Eastern Europe (REC), Mine Hacıbektaşoğlu, Head of Environmental Protection and Control Department from Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, Şükran Nurlu, Head of Climate Change and Environmental Protection Control Department from the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, and Serdar Karaduman, Member of the Board of Directors from Kent-Lab Urban Strategies and Local Practices Association participated as speakers. In the event, participants talked about how and with which units responsibilities can be fulfilled since municipalities have indirect but important responsibilities for adaptation and mitigation at the local level in the fight against climate change.

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