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Şirin Tekeli Local Administrations Academy

“Şirin Tekeli Local Administrations Academy”, which was held in partnership with Altınbaş University School of City and Politics, TOKAMER and KA-DER, for 9 weeks, was completed with a certificate ceremony held at Altınbaş University Gayrettepe Campus.

Şirin Tekeli Local Administrations Academy

Istanbul, 12 January 2019

The aim of the program is to contribute to increase the number of women politicians who have a gender equality perspective in participation in local governments.

Specific Goals of the Program:

  • To bring the participants together on the “female denominator” despite the differences in political views.
  • To increase the proportion of women represented in local elections and administrations.
  • To create a pool of women/candidates active in politics and from different political parties
  • To provide communication between women from different parties.
  • To make the participants stronger in politics and to provide them with theoretical and practical knowledge and experience support in order to achieve this.
  • To raise awareness of the participants on politics, women's politics and gender issues.

Program Content:

The content of the Şirin Tekeli Local Administrations Academy program consists of the following main topics.

  • Political Life of Türkiye
  • The Role and Importance of Local Governments in the European Union Process
  • Local Administrations and Social Policies
  • Gender Equality and Local Governments
  • Women's Movement in the World and in Türkiye
  • Strategic Management in Local Governments
  • Leadership
  • Election Strategies
  • Violence Against Women, International and Legal Dimension
  • Experience Sharing