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Sivil Düşün 7th Advisory Board Meeting

We shared our publications with the participants by expressing our views on good governance in civil society at the "Civil Think 7th Advisory Board Meeting" held with the participation of the European Union Delegation to Türkiye, the Ministry of EU Affairs and Türkiye's leading non-governmental organizations.

Sivil Düşün 7th Advisory Board Meeting

Istanbul, 10 November 2016

What was discussed in the Civil Society Forum workshops and working groups?

Participatory Democracy: Recommendations to Strengthen NGOs-Argüden Governance Academy

In the workshop, suggestions for strengthening civil society in order to popularize participatory democracy are opened for discussion. The current situation in Türkiye, the evaluation of examples from the world and the suggestions that emerged as a result of the survey are presented to the opinions of non-governmental organizations in the workshop, which is planned to be held in a participatory atmosphere. It is planned that the workshop outputs will find their place in the report of Argüden Governance Academy.

Click here for the Argüden Governance Academy presentation.

Social Media and Crowdfunding-media GaGa-FonZip

In the workshop, how non-governmental organizations can use crowdfunding sites for their own campaigns and the effect of social media in this process will be explained with examples. The purpose of the event is to inform the representatives of non-governmental organizations on topics such as the duration to be considered in a campaign, target audience, promotional video, and use of social media so that they can prepare their own campaigns. A joint crowdfunding campaign will also be set up at the event, based on the profiles of the participants.

Corporate Reputation and Volunteer Management: Sustainable Resource Development-Youth Platform with a Clearer Future

The workshop aims for institutions to review their perceptions and strategies of reputation and volunteer management. It presents the benefits and requirements of establishing and developing relationships with stakeholders in sustainable resource development processes within a structured planning, together with group studies, case studies and examples. Workshop; It aims to support organizations in positioning their volunteers within their sourcing strategy and rethinking their reputation management perspective.

Fundraising-Knowledge University at the University. Incubation Center-Station TEDU

Station – TEDU Social Innovation Center is a facilitator that aims to develop Ankara's social entrepreneurship and social innovation ecosystem. Social benefit-oriented individuals, groups, civil society actors; a co-creation space that aims to bring together other relevant actors, ideas and events. An initiative that combines the capacity of universities to be social solution centers and TED University's vision of being a city university.

Within the scope of the Talkshop, besides a brief information about the works carried out at the Station, alternative models of university and civil society cooperation, the potential of this type of cooperation in Ankara, and the social entrepreneurship potential of the civic space will be shared.

Rights-Focused Data Workshop/ Data Theme: Animal Rights-Youth Cooperative

In the event, data set examinations will be made for the visibility of violence against animals and a rights-oriented data processing application workshop will be held. In the workshop, it will be possible to discuss what rights-based data is, the techniques and tools for collecting such data, news about the right to life on websites, and the relationship between rights-based data and open data. Participants in the event will accompany the application with their personal computers.

Match-Making / Donor Relations-Civil Society Support Foundation

The Support Foundation for Civil Society believes that donations should be developed to solve Türkiye's social problems, and tries to contribute to civil society's innovative and sustainable solutions through strategic donations. It supports non-governmental organizations through grants. In the workshop, individual donation and fundraising methods in Türkiye will be discussed through the Support Foundation for Civil Society. It will be tried to present a perspective on the financial sustainability of non-governmental organizations and donor relations.

Grant experiences of NGOs and their expectations from donors-TACSO - STGM

The workshop, which emerged as a result of the experience sharing of the NGOs participating in the TACSO-STGM National Advisory Board, prepares the ground for the participants to discuss their grant experiences and donor-NGO relations. As a result of the workshop, which was simulated in many meetings before this event, it is aimed to provide input to TACSO's needs analysis report for NGOs. In this way, it is planned that the fundraising experiences of NGOs will provide insight to people and institutions that will work on similar issues in the future.