Argüden Governance Academy Foundation

Child and Parent Friendly Municipality Governance Guide Survey Research Report

Child and Parent-Friendly Municipality Governance Guide Project helds with the collaboration of Argüden Governance Academy, Education Volunteers Foundation of Türkiye, Association of Private Sector Volunteers, and Mother Child Education Foundation; supporting by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. This Project aims to increase the quality of life and welfare of children and parents by developing a road map that would shed light on the services of municipalities. In order to achieve this goal, which will strengthen municipalities structurally in order to be both child and parent-friendly;  we create  suggestions that will guide them  on how to  transfer  this  approach  to  their practices  and  measure  their own development. Likewise, we aim to evaluate the impact created by implementing the suggestions during the progress of the project.

We have firstly initiated our project with the questionnaire that we developed and implemented for all district municipalities of Istanbul. With this survey, in order to be child and parent-friendly, we asked questions which would enable municipalities to evaluate themselves, their approaches to children and parents in a multifaceted way: from decision­ making to resource management, from the provision of services to the establishment of this understanding in their institutional operations.

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