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Aristo Social Entrepreneurship Program

It is an open program for university students from all departments where participants can receive training from experts in social entrepreneurship, where they are supported with experience learning during workshops, where they can create projects where they can have the opportunity to apply what they have learned.

Aristo Social Entrepreneurship Program

Being part of the entrepreneurship ecosystem, it is a program aimed at university students who aspire to be involved in order to create a positive impact by generating solutions to societal problems and to develop an innovative thinking style.

Aristo Social Entrepreneurship Program is designed as a 5-week Social Entrepreneurship ideathon open to all university students. Developed by Argüden Governance Academy Youth Network and entirely operated by the Youth Network, this program offers the opportunity to receive training from industry experts, engage in hands-on learning during workshops, and apply what you have learned in a project.

In Aristo Social Entrepreneurship Program, social impact-oriented, new social entrepreneurship project ideas are generated, implemented, and supported through trainings provided by professionals in the fields of

  • Social Transparency
  • Open Access to Accurate Information
  • Impact-Oriented Civil Society
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Social Justice

These projects are developed in line with good governance principles, utilizing entrepreneurship and innovation tools and approaches. Each participant in the program is considered a social entrepreneurship candidate, and accordingly, the process is supported through problem identification and idea generation workshops, as well as business model development training, enabling them to play an active role in solving problems and creating social impact at the societal level.


  • Good Governance and Good Governance Principles
  • Social Entrepreneurship, Social Impact, and Social Entrepreneurship Story
  • Design Thinking & Target Problem Analysis
  • Business Model
  • Project Presentations and Evaluation

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This training is designed and implemented by Argüden Governance Academy Youth Network.

Opinions from Participants

The Aristo Social Entrepreneurship Program was truly productive and enjoyable for me. I had a wonderful experience with a great team and highly knowledgeable instructors who provided valuable insights.

Eda Hava ÇiftçiGraduate of Aristo Social Entrepreneurship Program

The Aristo Social Entrepreneurship Program provides a roadmap for many individuals who are curious about this ecosystem and say, 'I have an idea too!' but do not know where or how to start. You can expect a fantastic five-week journey where you will not only enjoy yourself but also have the opportunity to meet people who have engaged in ventures in different fields, expanding your horizons.

Gülen TokayGraduate of Aristo Social Entrepreneurship Program

Aristo Social Entrepreneurship Program provided a wonderful introduction to the concept of social entrepreneurship. With the support of our trainers, we were able to learn and apply this concept in a tangible way. It was a enjoyable and productive training experience.

İrem PolatGraduate of Aristo Social Entrepreneurship Program

This program brings together individuals with high awareness and a wealth of knowledge, while fostering teamwork, presentation skills, research, and creating a learning environment in an interactive manner.

Selinay SuAristo Sosyal Girişimcilik Programı Mezunu