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Sustainability Governance

The role of boards of directors in sustainability, good examples from Türkiye and the world, approaches of global sustainability leaders to SDGs, contribution to goals, measurement of the impact are discussed.

Sustainability Governance

During the Program, many topics are covered from the role of the board of directors throughout the training program to good examples from Türkiye and the world; from the approach of global sustainability leaders to the Sustainable Development Goals to the contribution to the goals; from the supervision of sustainability studies in the company, value chain and ecosystem to the measurement of the impact created.


A "Participation Certificate" is awarded to those who attend 5 out of the 6 sessions of the Program conducted over 3 different training days.


  • Introduction to Governance and Sustainability Concepts
  • Detailed Examination of Sustainability Governance Scorecard Methodology and Research
  • Definition and Importance of Integrated Thinking; In-depth Look at Leadership and Board of Directors Concepts
  • Sustainability and Brand Management
  • Good Practices - Case Studies (Session 1)
  • Good Practices - Case Studies (Session 2)

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