Argüden Governance Academy Foundation

IN CIVIL SOCIETY Certificate Program

We aim to contribute to the development of civil society’s capacity and to teach theoretical and practical information with the framework of legislation in our holistic Good Governance in Civil Society Certificate Program.

For executives and executive candidates working in civil society, civil society activists, recent graduates aiming to pursue a career in civil society.

Our trainings are delivered by academics, civil society leaders and public leaders.


  • From Management to Governance: Civil Society Governance
  • The Role of the Modern State and Civil Society, Theories of Civil Society
  • The Emergence of Civil Society
  • Transparency in Decision Making (NGOs, Transparency and Accountability)
  • Future Trends and Challenges: Demography, Migration, Resource Shortages, Global Warming, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Social Capital
  • Building Trust in Civil Society
  • Transparency in Decision Making
  • Human Resources Management for Civil Society
  • Election and Responsibilities of Boards of Directors
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Changing Roles of NGOs in Society: Activism, Advocacy, Social Responsibility
  • Indicators of Good Governance
  • Financial Sustainability
  • Strategic Planning in Civil Society
  • Corporate Communication for NGOs in a Digitalizing World
  • Legislation and Practice in Civil Society
  • Legal Obligations for Civil Society Leaders: Knowledge of Legislation and Implementation of Legislation
  • Legal Obligations for Civil Society Leaders: Audit Perspective
  • Making Collaboration Workshop
  • Measuring, Evaluating and Reporting Social Impact in Civil Society
  • Integrated Thinking and Good Governance Workshop
  • General Secretariat Simulation


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