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Voluntary Local Assessment Report for Sustainability

Sultanbeyli Municipality prepared the first Voluntary Local Review in Türkiye and the Middle East Region.

Voluntary Local Assessment Report for Sustainability

1 June 2021

Our Academic Board Members, Dr. Erkin Erimez and Dr. İnan İzci contributed to this study as Advisory Board Members. With this study, the contribution of municipalities to the Sustainable Development Goals is reported, evaluated, and presented to the public.

Prepared with the theme of "On Leaving No One Behind", the Report stands apart from other Volunteer National Evaluation Reports in the world with its comprehensiveness both locally, nationally, and internationally.

Volunteer Local Assessment Reports (VLRs) have now become an important mechanism for monitoring global targets, as well as the Voluntary National Assessment Reports (VNRs) submitted by countries since 2016. The reports, in which the local reflection of the UN 2030 Agenda can be seen, make significant contributions to both national and international development efforts. In particular, the data collected under different categories in the local area is important in terms of seeing the applicability of planning studies locally.

Sultanbeyli Municipality has prepared the Volunteer Local Evaluation Report, which will be prepared for the first time both in Türkiye and in the MEWA Region.

Click here to check the Report.

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