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Improving Governance Quality in Local Governments

We shared insights on how to use data for mapping, measuring, and improving practices of good local governance with a citizen-centric perspective. At this seminar, which we attended at the invitation of the Good Governance Academy, we provided examples from the Metropolitan Municipality Governance Scorecard, contributing to global learning.


Good Governance on the Global Agenda

We are promoting “good governance” –which aims to enhance trust in institutions– on the agenda of international organizations such as the OECD and the United Nations. To achieve this goal, we advocated for a culture of good governance and put topics such as “Good Governance Day” and “Building Trust”, “Strengthening Democracy” on their agenda.


Celebrating Good Governance Day

SDG16: Good Governance Day was celebrated with the participation of UN Global Compact, United Nations Türkiye, Global Compact Türkiye, OECD, Economic Policy Research Foundation of Türkiye (TEPAV), and Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation (TESEV).

Creating Global Impact with
Sustainability Governance Scorecard©

We were invited to the Value Reporting Foundation Global Conference to share the results of our Sustainability Governance Scorecard© 2021 Report.

Our SGScorecard Model was also cited as a good example to G20 leaders in B20 Tokyo.


G(EES) Rather than ESG

We suggest using the Governance of Economic, Environmental, and Social issues –G(EES)– instead of Environmental, Social, and Governance –ESG– to measure sustainability activities.

By featuring this suggestion on the cover of our 2020 Integrated Report, we drew attention to the importance of managing and measuring corporate activities from a good governance perspective.

Contributing to the Reporting Standards
in India

SEBI, the regulatory agency of the Indian Ministry of Economy made it mandatory for companies to share their Board Skills Matrix, which was one of the recommendations of our 2019 SGScorecard research.

Good Governance Culture for
Children of the World!

With the Good Governance for Children Training, our aim is to encourage children worldwide to embrace good governance principles. We have translated our materials to English and collaborated with KidZania to expand our program to 20 nations, such as Mexico, France, Japan, and the United States.


Speed Record in Publishing
an Integrated Report

By embracing an integrated thinking culture and implementing it consistently throughout the year, companies can expedite their integrated reporting processes with greater ease.

Our integrated thinking approach allowed us to finish our 2019 Integrated Report in just 40 days, setting an example of delivering accurate information swiftly.

Completing an Integrated Report in 40 days is really impressive, congratulations...

Charles TilleyCEO of IIRC

A Unique Project from Türkiye to the World

Sustainability Governance Scorecard© helps improve the state of the world by speeding up peer learning from Global Sustainability Leaders. Our Sustainability Governance Scorecard© received broad media attention.

Sustainability Governance Scorecard is very crucial, and I am pleased to be a volunteer ambassador for the dissemination of the its philosophy.

Prof. Mervyn E. KingInternational Integrated Reporting Council Chair Emeritus


Better Governance for
a Better Quality of Life

The results of our Governance Scorecard of Municipalities for İstanbul Districts© research, which triggers the learning speed of local governments, have been received with interest.

OECD Announced our Model
as Good Example

Our model, which we developed in 2017, was announced as a good example of innovative approaches in local governments by the Observatory of Public Sector Innovation (OPSI), affiliated with the OECD.

Attracting to the World

We were invited to the 4th Asia Public Governance Forum and the UN Public Service Forum to introduce our Model. We also presented our Model to the European Commission in Brussels and the World Bank Office in Ankara.

Municipality Governance Scorecard is the first research that transformed governance principles into implementation at this scale.

Jutta GützkowEuropean Council, Head of Good Governance Division

Innovations in Local Governance with Our Recommendations

Kadıköy Municipality adopted our integrated reporting recommendation from the Municipality Governance Scorecard© and published the world's first municipality integrated report in 2019. The Integrated Reporting Model that prepared by ARGE Consulting can be used by all municipalities worldwide and combines, EFQM, OECD Better Life Index, and SDGs.


A Unique Model from Türkiye to the World: Municipality Governance Scorecard©

Municipalities are the public institutions that can take the fastest action for improving the quality of life of citizens. The development of our Municipality Governance Scorecard© Model presents a unique model from Türkiye to the world to improve the quality of good governance in local level.

Tools and instruments to assess governance quality is a very important issue both for practitioners and scholars. The Model developed by Argüden Governance Academy is cutting edge.

Shabbir CheemaHarvard Kennedy School

Good Governance Center at the Local Level

At the 3rd Asian Public Governance Forum, where we were invited by the OECD, we introduced our Municipality Governance Scorecard© Model and discussed the good governance practices of local governments in Türkiye.


Handbook of Board Governance

Our Chairman of Trustees, Dr. Yılmaz Argüden, authored the chapter "Responsibilities of Boards for a Sustainable Future" in the Handbook of Board Governance. In this chapter, Dr. Argüden creates opportunities for development by sharing examples of good practices, along with the role of boards and the new standards of sustainability. The chapter, which serves as a guide for integrating sustainability vision into organizational structure, includes a 34-question self-assessment guide for boards to evaluate themselves from a sustainability perspective at the end.

Dr. Argüden is the only Turkish expert invited to the ‘All-Star’ contributor list of The Handbook of Board Governance.

Didem Eryar ÜnlüDünya Newspaper


Recommendations to G20 Leaders

As a member of the C20 Governance Working Group, we shared our recommendations with the G20 governments, representing the world's largest 20 economies, by discussing various national and international issues that are essential for civil society.

Your valuable contributions for improving the quality of reporting are highly appreciated.

Paul DruckmanInternational Integrated Reporting Council, CEO

First Integrated Report of Türkiye

With our 2015 Integrated Report covering our first year of activity, we were among the top 10 NGOs in the world. Our Integrated Reporting experience was showcased as a good example for volunteer organizations on the IIRC website.

Call for Good Governanceat the UN

At the United Nations General Assembly, Dr. Yılmaz Argüden has addressed the importance of trust in maintaining good governance and sustainable development in his speech at the United Nations HQ.


OECD Corporate Governance Principles

We were among the 75 institutions worldwide to provide opinions on OECD’s Corporate Governance Principles, renewed in 2014–2015.

Our recommendations to the OECD include supporting stakeholder participation at all levels, increasing trust to organizations, and supporting more effective boards.