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Targets university students with leadership skills who are elected to the boards of various university clubs. These students are first given information about the principles of good governance with real-life stories in a 7-week training program.

Governance 101 Certificate Program

The Governance 101 is an interesting and youth-oriented training program for university students, who will be the leaders of the future, with the aim of helping students to understand and adopt good governance culture.

The program intends to develop leadership skills by ensuring that the participants have the notion of good governance in the program as well as knowledge of strategy management, volunteer management, performance evaluation, process management, organization, budget, and integrated reporting. The program targets university students with leadership skills who are elected to the boards of various university clubs.  These students are first given information about the principles of good governance with real-life stories in a 8-week training program.  We choose these stories from the cases that the students are likely to encounter frequently in their daily life. In this way, we aim to ensure that the students’ participation in the training and adopt the philosophy of good governance for improving quality of life.

Another aim of the training is to make students experience the relationship between success and good governance. For this purpose, 5 different practices will be suggested to the participants use with their friends from the university clubs/societies and we will support them during these training. The practices will enable the participant students to disseminate the information to their peers.

The Governance 101 Certificate Program, which had its first session in 2019, produced its 7th batch of graduates in 2023. Together with the recent graduates, the total number of graduates reached 393.


  • What is Good Governance?
  • Volunteerism and Governance Projects
  • Project Management
  • Setting Objectives
  • Determining How to Work
  • Value Creation Cycle
  • Presentations & Evaluations

Knowledge Partners

Dissemination Partners

This training is designed and implemented by Argüden Governance Academy Youth Network.

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Opinions from Participants

After my Governance 101 Graduation, I believe I became more courageous in questioning "Why are we doing this in this way?" while performing a job. One of the first things I did at my current job was to learn the purpose and strategies of my department, followed by our goals and the expected timeline for their achievement. Just like we learned in education, they mentioned that they were impressed by my curiosity. Although there were no RACI matrices, I created a matrix for myself that shows the current situation in order to manage my workflow.

Sebile Sena YükselOsmangazi University

The Governance 101 training introduced me to the concept of governance, and as a result, my perspective on the structures within the communities and organizations I am involved in has changed significantly. I found much more than I expected in this program. Thank you Governance 101!

Özge GürbüzBoğaziçi Üniversitesi

During our work, we not only enhanced our leadership skills but also had a great time with an amazing team. Through the Youth Network we formed lasting connections and bonds.

Gönül Andırırİstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi

The Governance Youth Network is an interdisciplinary learning platform that offers opportunities in various fields.

Yakup GözderesiYönetişim Gençlik Ağı

Applications for the training, which is held twice a year, are collected, the pre-selection process is completed, and interviews are conducted. Based on the interview evaluations, participants are transparently informed, and the winning candidates are announced.

Participants of the Governance 101 training program create value not only for the organizations and associations they belong to but also for themselves. The individual contributions of the program are as follows.

  • Introduction to the concept of good governance, which is a prerequisite for success in corporate life
  • Direct learning and interaction from professionals in the corporate world
  • A professionally designed training program with modern education using new-generation practices
  • Opportunity to support and transform the prepared project into reality during the training process
  • Contribution to a sustainable future with projects aligned with Sustainable Development Goals
  • Opportunity to work with mentors who provide assistance throughout the training process
  • Opportunity to join the Governance Youth Network after graduation
  • Getting of the prestigious YÖN101 Certificate
  • Access to awards and various organizations