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OECD Guidelines on “Corporate Governance in State – Owned Enterprises - 2015 Edition” was discussed at the “Good Governance in State – Owned Enterprises Conference”

10 April 2016

Argüden Governance Academy, a non-profit initiative operating under the aegis of Boğaziçi University, organized “Good Governance in State – Owned Enterprises Conference” in cooperation with Corporate Governance Association of Turkey and with the contributions of the Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Undersecretariat of Treasury and Union of Turkish Public Enterprises. 

In the opening remarks, Dr. Yılmaz Argüden, the founder of the Argüden Governance Academy; Mr. Hurşit Zorlu, Chairman of the Corporate Governance Association of Turkey; Mr. Halil Alış, Chairman of the Union of Turkish Public Enterprises and Mr. Taşkın Temiz, Acting Deputy Undersecretary of the Undersecretariat of Treasury had emphasized the importance of implementing Corporate Governance principles to the State – Owned Enterprises, to ensure the competitiveness and fairness of the market, the sustainable success, and the quality of life both at domestic and international level.

In the Conference, three panels were held with the participations of public and private sectors leaders. In the first panel “OECD Guidelines on Corporate Governance of State – Owned Enterprises” and its implications had been discussed by Mr. Selim Yeşilbaş, Director General of State – Owned Enterprises, Undersecretarıat of Treasury; Ms. Mediha Ağar, Senior Economist, World Bank; and Mr. Ömer Yıldız, Chairman of the Board, Turkish State Railways, with the moderation of Mr. Barış Dinçer, Executive Director of Argüden Governance Academy. 

In the second panel, Mr. Cem Kozlu, independent director and author; Mr. Aclan Acar, the Chairman of Board, the Doğuş Otomotiv, and Mr. Ramazan Özcan Yıldırım, Head of Department of Institutional Development and Managerial Systems, İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality had shared their experiences on Corporate Governance of State – Owned Enterprises, with the moderation of Ms. Sevdil Yıldırım, Board Member of Association of Stock Exchange Quotation Partnership Managers.

In the last panel, Mr. İlhami Koç, Vice Chairman of Corporate Governance Association of Turley, Mr. Fikret Sebilcioğlu, Chairman of Occupational and Academic Relations Committee of ACFE Turkey Chapter and Dr. Erkin Erimez, Academic Board Member of Argüden Governance Academy, had discussed accountability, performance assessment and risk of fraud management in publicly held corporations in Turkey and region, with the moderation of Ms. Ayşegül Eksit, Executive Vice Chairman of Capital Markets Board of Turkey.

At the Conference, Argüden Governance Academy’s translation publication of “OECD Guidelines on Corporate Governance in State – Owned Enterprises 2015 Edition” whose original version was published by OECD, both in English and French was shared with readers.

KOBİ Postası, 10 April 2016