Argüden Governance Academy Foundation

Civic Participation and Solidarity for Resilient Metropoles

On October 7, World Metropolitans Day, we are organizing the "Civic Participation and Solidarity for Resilient Metropoles" online event in cooperation with Metropolis and Marmara Municipalities Union.

7 October 2021


  • Prof. Dr. Korel Göymen – Emeritus Prof. Dr., Sabancı University
  • Tülin Hadi – Istanbul Citizens’ Assembly, Chair
  • Ahmet Karadağ - Manisa Citizens’ Assembly, Chair
  • Hayriye Ataş –  Checks and Balances Network, Coordinator

Target group:

  • City Councils
  • Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Metropolitan and District Municipalities
  • Academic Institutions
  • Media

Purpose and Framework of the Event:

In metropolitan cities, which have a separate city formation in Türkiye, ecological, economic, and social resilience is of particular importance. Various physical risks such as pandemics, earthquakes, floods and fires, and related humanitarian, social and economic crises may occur. The resilience of metropolitan cities against these possible risks is not only a priority agenda item in our country. Within the scope of October 7, World Metropolitan Day, announced by Metropolis, the theme of Social Resilience in Metropolitans will be discussed in many countries and cities in the first week of October.

With "Civil Participation and Solidarity for Resilient Metropoles" Event, we aim to bring the issue to the agenda of municipalities, civil society and citizens in Türkiye, and other stakeholders. Thus, the role of civic participation and solidarity will be highlighted, especially in making metropolitan cities more socially resilient. The contributions of each individual and institution in the cities in terms of resilience, based on their fellowship/neighborhood identity, through participation and solidarity will be evaluated.

Zoom, 7 October 2021