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Good Governance Certificate Program in the Public Service 2018 Graduation Ceremony

We had the first graduates of our Good Governance Certificate Program in the Public Sector in 2016. In 2018, the second term participants of the program graduated. Our program, in which managers, branch managers, experts and internal auditors from the leading institutions and organizations of the public participate, in cooperation with Boğaziçi University Lifelong Education Center - BÜYEM and T.C. It was hosted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism National Library.

Good Governance Certificate Program in the Public Service 2018 Graduation Ceremony

Ankara, 19 December 2018

In the first module, the main theme of Good Governance and Sustainability in the Public Sector was covered. In this module, the concepts of good governance and sustainability, public-civil society relations, integrated thinking and integrated reporting; The second module themed Regulatory Reform and Scientific Methods in Public Policy followed. The second module covered regulatory reform, holistic understanding of government, impact analysis, social analysis, good governance practices in public policy, strategic management and planning.

In the third module, the knowledge and competencies of the participants on “Participatory Democracy and Open State” were developed. In the last module, the importance of efficiency and innovation in the public sector was discussed; Topics such as solution production, public-private sector-civil society collaborations, social entrepreneurship, cyber security practices, and behavioral economy were discussed. Our 80 participants, who work in various institutions and organizations of the public, completed the program of 96 hours in total and we presented a Certificate of Specialization at the graduation ceremony.

We aim to reach more people in the future by increasing the accessibility of our Program, which aims to increase the quality of life of citizens by increasing the quality of governance in the public sector, on online platforms. We plan to spread the good governance culture in the public in the most effective way with increasing collaborations.